Solos and Duets - 3 pm Show - 2019

Please be patient...It takes a while to load all the images...Grab a coffee...I shot over 3500 images between the 2 shows and the rehearsal. I have reduced them down to 2450 images. They are broken down into two galleries: Rehearsal -Show 1, Performance/Show 1...7 galleries in total. NOTE, since I shoot with 2 cameras, each of the performances are not all grouped together...Please review all of the thumbnails below. ALSO NOTE: The thumbnails below are not  edited...purchased images WILL be edited. Choose images based on expression and pose...cropping, color correction, background clean up, filters, etc. will be applied to the edited images. If you are interested in purchasing the digital images, choose the full code, including G1 or G2, associated with it (eg: G1_####.jpg), and message/e-mail me the order (see 'Contact' link at top of page), stating quantities, your contact info, or any other relevant information.  I accept Interac E-mail transfers, cheques or cash.  Thanks,  Ken Greenhorn;   927 Laycoe Cres.;  Saskatoon, SK;   S7S 1H2;   306-975-3974.


Digital:   1 image:  8.00;      2 images:  12.00      4 images:  20.00;      8 images:  30.00;                                12 images:  40.00;     More:  Contact me

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REHEARSAL - SHOW 1 - 3:00 - GALLERY 1 of 4

REHEARSAL - SHOW 1 - 3:00 - GALLERY 2 of 4

REHEARSAL - SHOW 1 - 3:00 - GALLERY 3 of 4