Thank You to 'The Saskatchewan Dance Project' / by Ken Greenhorn

After months of hard work and dedication, last night was the final showing of 'Insensible',the Saskatchewan Dance Project's latest show. This was the second year that I have been involved with the project. It started with the largerst photoshoot that I have ever done, the 'flour shoot'. This was an idea that I had previously seen, done by famous dance photographer, Lois Greenfield, and wanted to do for a long time. After months of planning with Ashley and Tatum, the heads of the project, we shot early last December. Thanks to Matt, Ashley's husband, for transforming the studio at Dance Ink into a flour/dust ready enviroment. He and his crew vapour barriered and sealed the whole studio from top to bottom. Then Zach and I set up the lights, backdrops, etc.. Now we were ready for the 18 dancers and 200 lbs. of flour to be tossed around (we ended up using only 50 lbs.). After 6-7 hours of shooting we had some amazing headshots, posed shots, and the most fun, the flour shots. 

After that, I shot a few of the rehearsals, followed by the two shows, one in Prince Albert 2 weeks ago, and the Saskatoon show at Castle Theatre last night. 

I would like to send a heartfelt thank-you to Ashley and Tatum, Matt, and all the dancers for including me in your project. The after party was wonderful...great food and drinks. Also, I think it was Rebecca (I still don't have all the names/faces figured out) who said she had made the beautiful cake with a photo of the whole group on looked wonderful. Once again, thanks to Ashley for the kind words and is very much appreciated. I look forward to working with you all again...I have more ideas.....